Going To A Therapist For Anger

Going To A Therapist For Anger

therapyPsychologist says most of us feel angry at least a few times a week and that is normal, but when we feel intense anger that happens every now and then that’s what psychologist says that isn’t normal.

Here are the three basic strategies that therapist use to treat anger.

Cognitive therapy

In this strategy, the psychologist helps his or her patient find different ways of thinking and their reaction regarding their anger.

Development of Skill

therapy session

Acquiring new behaviors about things that happening around us might help. For example, learning new driving skills might help so often angry drivers think about things that happen on the road.

Progressive Relaxation or Relaxation

Patients are trained by psychologist the technique called progressive relaxation when they feel angry. It is merely thinking a simple word or image to fight the anger. It will be spending a few minutes just thinking good things that can help them fight their rage.