How To Deal With Anger

How To Deal With Anger

Lets first talk about why people get angry. Here are some of the reason and how a therapist can help you fight it.

therapy notesFeel powerful

The comparison is significant If we feel small and yet getting other people to feel lower than us.

Take control

Anger is somehow used to threaten in for us to manipulate and it is somehow irritating when things are going differently than we want

Harm your self

Depression can result in anger, and that anger can be directed to oneself and depression sometimes makes peoples wish for self-destruction

How can you deal with anger?

therapy for depressionYou cannot deal with it by suppressing or ignoring it. When anger has reached a certain point, some people feel it is required to have an expression that satisfies them to be diffused.

Ask yourself why do you feel out of control or lacking control. But control isn’t the exact issue recognizing what’s going on allows us to suspend the development of anger.